Invisible Office Hours

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Season 6 will be released on June 13 at 10:52pm PDT

Invisible Office Hours is a season-based podcast that playfully explores the intersection of creativity and commerce, hosted by Jason Zook and Paul Jarvis.

Want season 6 (S6)? As per usual, we’re doing something very different: instead of sponsors, our listeners get to back the show themselves. How? For each dollar pledged, S6 gets released one minute sooner.

For example: pledging $100, S6 goes live to your ears 100 minutes sooner. Pledging $1,000? S6 is released 16 hours sooner (which is ~1,000 minutes).

Collectively, everyone wins when everyone chips in. If you pledged more than $100, then you also get our undying love and something special in the mail. Pledge $1,000 or more? You’ll get something even bigger from us. The person or company with the biggest pledge gets to pick a topic for a bonusode!

To release season 6 even sooner than June 13 at 10:52pm PDT,  please use the form below. Each $1 pledged releases S6 1 minute sooner for everyone!

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