Episode 01 / Positivity

Welcome to our first episode! We dive right into the deep end, ignoring the “no diving” signs and get into what positivity means to us, what it can mean to you and how you can work at positivity while not beating yourself about trying to be positive all the time.


Jason has a lot of last names.
This podcast is for our rat people (we love you).
Assume we’re doing air-quotes whenever we make a bad joke about them.
PJ: Disagrees with positivity (see: curmudgeon).
JS: Works on removing negativity, which brings positivity.
Negative things/experiences tend to outweigh positive experiences.
PJ: Physical threats don’t get me down for more than one day. Complaining about negativity is given one day to deal with.
Vegans throw broccoli when they’re not being positive.
PJ: Leans into negativity, explores it, questions it, sits with it.
Recommended reading: The Antidote
Our fears aren’t typically the worst case scenario (smart brain people figured this out)
Embarrassing deaths are the worst.
We can’t judge the amount of pain others feel.
It’s tough to move past negativity and anger because it mostly relates to a lack of control.
Control is an illusion, even when it comes to controlling our own thoughts.
JS: don’t sleaze-ball on the Internet!
Be intentional with how you start your day (here’s Pauls morning routine)
JS: used to leave his phone out of his room when going to bed. Now he only checks Instagram.
You don’t need to be a hippie to meditate a little. Tweet this!
Colin Wright’s 20 minutes of awesome
It’s important to allow for space and stillness each day. Tweet this!
Make time for our brains to have room to breathe.
Our addiction to social media opens us to exposure to negativity all day.
PJ: current favourite coffee beans are from Discovery Coffee
What’s your coffee process like? Tweet us!
Impress Coffee Brewer
JS: makes coffee with pre-ground beans (PJ: no judgment…)
If we don’t reflect or question our routines, how will we know when they are no longer serving us?
How do we break those negative routines or thoughts? Small steps/actions, focusing on the present and setting intentions to get out of them.
Big pictures can be overwhelming. If you break it down into actions you can quickly accomplish, we can deal with it better.
Creating art for the sake of creating art and finishing something. Powerful stuff.
Caroline’s hand-lettering
Positivity doesn’t have to look like rainbows shooting out of your ass. Tweet this!
Positivity can look like calm and even.
Buddhists care.
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Rainbows & butterflies,
Paul & Jason



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