Episode 04 / Comparison

Apples to apples? This episode is all about how we stack up – to ourselves, to others, and if that comparison even serves any useful purpose.


Paul isn’t sure which last name of Jason’s he should use.
Jason and Paul are often confused for one another (not really).
JS: wanted to be the next Mark Zuckerberg.
Remember when Facebook was college only?
Invisible Office Hours Buzzword Bingo (IOHBB): Pivot
Paul says “Interesting” a lot.
Jason says “Awesome” a lot.
JS: shots of meat!
IOHBB: When we say “I’ve written about this before…”
PJ: I’m not doing anything to make myself look better in my writing, but my writing represents my best me.
Paul always has fear.
PJ: when I think of comparison I think of me.
When you compare yourself to someone else, you typically only compare yourself to the best version of that person.
“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Teddy Roosevelt
Comparison Equation: So and so is awesome + I am not = I suck
PJ: do you compare yourself to yourself?
2013 was a big year for Jason to become more vulnerable.
JS: Thinks we only show the best versions of ourselves on social media.
JS: I’m still too proud.
Does anyone compare themselves to previous year’s version of themselves?
Jason doesn’t like being a ninja, guru, or expert.
Jason tells story of wedding that was unhappy in person, but looked happy and amazing on Facebook (photos, et al).
Paul is shorter than Jason, so Jason put Paul on a pedestal in his mind.
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In loving memory of Ohna’, she will be greatly missed 🙁
PJ: I focus my photography on instagram of plainness, not trying to pick the best filter or crop out messiness.
PJ: we can get around comparison of others if we focus on the process, not the outcome.
PJ: we show off the finished product, we don’t always show off the process it takes.
Austin Kleon does a great job of Showing His Work.
Jason gloats about his 90-day fitness challenge.
IOHBB: “I wrote a blog post…”
Jason went rock climbing and people wanted him to pick a finish line. Jason didn’t want to.
JS: rock climbers embrace the climb… every foothold, nook, cranny, etc… not just the summit.
PJ: if you’re not enjoying the steps to get there, is that the right goal?
Jason compared himself to a bunch of YouTubers before starting his business and creating videos.
Paul mentioned James Altucher, he’s a great writer and his podcast rocks.
PJ: think about the value my personality and the way I express myself separates me.
Paul loves Pride and Prejudice.
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Jason owned 10 cars in 12 years. It was too many.
JS: any listeners on car forums?
JS: you’ll never have the fastest car… you’ll never be the strongest or most fit person in the gym…
PJ: there’s no way to be the best web designer… the best writer…
PJ: pitch your unique value.
People pick designers who understand them and their business goals (not “the best designer at XYZ”).
PJ: technicians get paid by the hour and are interchangeable, visionaries can’t be replaced and are more valuable.
Jason can’t watch his first YouTube videos.
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PJ: waybackmachine is a weird, bad, bad, site!
Paul created a website in 1999 (Jason’s mind = blown).
PJ: I think my writing has potential to be better the more I do it.
Use previous work to motivate ourselves to get better (not get down on ourselves).
Jason admits to wanting to be on a 30-under-30 (40-under-40) list, but knows it’s not actually important.
IOHBB: “I wrote an article about it…”
PJ: wrote an article, pitched to 10 publications, no one responded, pitched to another 10, didn’t hear back, published on own website, then publications want to syndicate it.
PJ: I still hustle all the time with my writing and I still get turned down more than I get featured.
Paul and Jason don’t always get paid to write (most of the time don’t), but get to share email list signup and books.
Jason shamelessly plugged his book again.
JS: I was bummed by the outcome of being featured on The Today Show.
JS: all the moving parts and pieces bring you success, not one single press hit, article, feature, etc.
PJ: womp womp womp.
PJ: I don’t even compare to me.
JS: If you don’t enjoy drinking your own Kool-aid, while will somebody else?
Jason wants to make a Kool-aid reference work in a future post, but it’s not there yet.
PJ: your why doesn’t need to change, but the how does.
JS: I want to build a deeper relationship with people on my email list and that follow me.
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Paul & Jason


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