Episode 07 / Anger

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The seventh episode from the Invisible Office Hours podcast hosted by Paul Jarvis and Jason SurfrApp. This week’s topic is anger!!!! GRRRRR! Do you let anger control you or do you use it to your advantage? And we talk a lot about zoodles and The Hulk!


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Paul gets angry and he’s ok with that.
Sometimes there are time travel paradoxes that happen with this podcast because we record it on the past and you listen to it IN THE FUTURE.
One time a neighbour wanted to kill Paul and Paul got mad. CRAZY STORY.
One time a neighbour told Jason to get off his deck. Except it was a more of a dock than a deck. But wasn’t the important part of the story.
Ask Jason, did he go and talk to his angry neighbour? Tweet him!
Anger can fester unless you deal with it.
Anger can be used or it can use you. It can be productive if you use it right or for motivation.
You can use anger to prove nay-sayers wrong. NAY.
Step outside yourself to see what someone else is really angry about (it may not be what they said they were angry about).
Can you see the other person’s side of things (even if you disagree)?
Anger is like a warm blanket (or snuggie)! Read Paul’s post about anger here
Sometimes you can’t control how you feel and if they don’t work out, anger can happen. We need to figure out what we can do to get out of anger – going for walks, sleeping it off, eating, etc.
This episode took SO MANY takes to record because Skype kept crapping out. But we weren’t angry about it.
Sometimes you’ve gotta sit with HULK SMASH to let it work itself out in your mind.
Paul’s not a link-baiter. Vince Lombardi might be.
A lot of time when someone’s mean on the Internet, it’s hard to not get angry about it. But ultimately, those people don’t matter.
Being mostly vegan hasn’t made Jason any more angry. Here’s the restaurant he mentioned, Green Bar & Kitchen
Don’t get angry is Paul is vegan, you aren’t forced to be vegan. Also, don’t get angry about gay marriage, just don’t get gay married if that’s not your deal. Make your own choices and let everyone else make their own choices too.
Paul can’t use his Internet ordination to marry his two lady friends in Canada and gay marriage isn’t legal in all of the US. This makes Paul angry.
Side note from Jason: Chris D’Elia on gay people and butterfingers.
When you take a stand on something, people might get angry. That’s their issue though, not yours.
Nick Disabato openly says his company is a feminist company right on his website. It shows his line in the sand, and brings the people he wants to work with closer and pushes the people he wouldn’t want to work with any way further. It’s all about finding your rat people.
Paul unsubscribes lots of people from his newsletter if they get angry at him.
At some point, you have to ask yourself if being angry at something is serving you.
We wouldn’t be angry if you signed up for our mailing list
We also wouldn’t be angry if you left a review for our show on iTunes.
The HULK loves zoodles.

Not in anger,
Paul & Jason

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