How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

The online world can be a place of limitless earning potential. However, without due care, trying to make money online can result in huge losses and disappointment.

Amongst the gold nuggets of online, money making possibilities, there are heaps of websites waiting to scam you.

Some sound incredible, but you quickly discover that you need to make an initial payment, that sees no return. Worse, you could be scammed out of any payments you agree to make, never get paid for work, and find they also have your bank or personal details, too.

Unfortunately, this scenario is far too common. The internet allows crooks to take advantage of genuine, hard-working people and their need to make a living. 

Thankfully, we have come to your financial rescue with this useful guide, packed with lucrative online side hustles. We give you information  on the companies and jobs where you can actually make money online, without paying anything.

Read on to learn must-know handy tips and advice to help you make a good wage online, and the red flags to avoid. Don’t forget to scroll down for our conclusion, too.

1. Sign Up For Market Research Surveys

Whilst this is not a fast route to earning a fortune, taking online surveys can be a side hustle to earn some extra pocket money. There are lots of market research companies that always want people to fill in their surveys.

If you choose this as a means to makes some extra cash online, sign up to as many as possible. Signing up is simple, and it’s up to you which surveys you decide to take, and how long you wish to spend completing them.

Some offer payment and money off vouchers for goods. Here are the best paid online survey sites include:


Swagbucks is a leading online survey platform that will pay up to $5 just for registering. 

Opinion Outpost:

Rated for being a more worthy way to make money online than other online survey sites. You sign up, pick and complete surveys and earn points upon completion. Once you exceed 500 points, you can cash it out via Amazon.


Controlled by market research company Ipsos, this paid online survey platform is another very easy to navigate site and earn money. However, as with all paid online survey sites, it takes a long time to generate a worthy income.


Finally, a site that rewards the survey taker a little higher than the rest. However, before you get excited and grab your cell, read on. You have to be committed to the long haul.

This paid online survey platform works on a points equals reward system, too. You have to reach 25,000 points before you see any cash. What is 25,000 points, you ask?

Well, it’s about $25. Still, if you are stuck at home anyway, with nothing to do, this could be worth a shot.


This easy-to-use platform works on a points system. You complete various surveys and receive points. When you reach 500 points, you can draw its amount out of cash into your account.

This takes a long time to achieve, and does not translate as a high hourly wage. However, it takes minimal effort, and you can literally take the surveys while watching Netflix.

At the lower end of the money-earning scale is Inbox Pounds and Toluna. The pay is pretty diabolical, and you will probably lose the will to live, long before you get enough points to convert. 

2. Freelance Writing Gigs

There are actually tonnes of great online job boards specifically catering for freelance writers. Within these, you can discover a treasure trove of writing gigs that will give you a decent wage.

What is more, if you land a good writing gig and impress the client, you are likely to get continued work. That said, the competition is fierce.

With most of these sites, you will see freelancers bidding to work for less money than you might cast into a wishing well (at age 5). Consequently, many clients now set this as an acceptable amount. 

A little tip to climbing the competitive online ladder: Accept and complete a few low-paid jobs, to get a high-ranking profile.

This sacrifice will boost your credibility, so you are more likely to land the well-paid jobs you find.  Some great online job boards include:





Freelance Writing


These sites also have good jobs for those with administrative, pa, or fast typing skills. Virtual assistant roles are growing in popularity and pay fairly well.

3. Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

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This is a fantastic way to make some fast money online without having to pay a penny. If you have any unwanted tech (like your old cell phone, laptop, or tablet) you can sell them on for cash. Here’s how:

Register with Gazelle and provide details of the tech you want to sell. Upon agreement, they then do all the work. You receive pre-paid packaging to send your unwanted electronics. As long as it’s ‘as described,’ you can choose to be paid via check or via PayPal. Simple

4. Sell Other Unwanted Tat

There’s even sites that will take your old clothes, games, toys, and pretty much any old tat you no longer use. These include:


Other Ways To Make Money Online

5. Start A Blog (Takes A Long Time)

6. Promote Brands On Social Media (Become A Brand Ambassador)

7. Sell E-Books (Very Time-Consuming)

8. Sell A Course (In Your Field Of Expertise)

9. Transcription Service Websites


As we have discussed, the opportunity to make money online with paying anything is there. Some methods are boring and slow-earners, but others have the potential to turn your side hustle into a full-time role.

Now you have the key information to put your side income idea into practice. Good luck!

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