How To Set Up An Online Amazon Store

How To Set Up An Online Amazon Store

There are no online retail platforms larger than Amazon. The global giant amassed an amazing $280 billion in revenue, in 2019. Setting up an Amazon store is a no-brainer for brands looking to grow and reach a larger audience.

Fear not if you wish to grow your business but don’t know where to begin. This helpful guide explains how to set up an online Amazon store and start generating more income.

We explain all the key factors you need to know, along with tips and advice to ensure your online Amazon store is hugely successful.

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Set Up An Online Amazon Store

1. Choose Your Plan

The first thing you need to do is choose your plan. Amazon offers 2 plans to US sellers. You can choose between an Individual plan and a Professional plan.

The Individual plan: this is the popular choice for startup companies. Each time you sell a product you pay Amazon $.99.

The professional plan: This costs $39.99 per month, regardless on how many items you sell.

However, you will discover that both plans come with a referral fee for each sale. This is basically a percentage of the total cost. Hence, this amount varies depending on the product.

2. Set Up Amazon Seller Account

Whether you want to set up a new Amazon seller account, or simply sell products via your customer account, there are certain key factors that must be considered. In order to make sure you comply with the law, have the following organized:

1. Phone number and tax details

2. Business email or seller account details

3. Government ID

4. Bank details for future payments

3. Register

Next, you need to apply for registration of your business. This is done through the Amazon Brand Registry, and it requires your business to:

1. Have your company logo and (or) name visibly placed on all products you intend to sell.

2. Your company should have a trademark for wherever you intend to sell.

If this initial stage of registration is successful you must then specify the country and marketplace you wish your company to be registered.

To do this, navigate to: Next, follow the link to Seller Central and follow the required steps to complete your enrollment..

4. Add Your Products And Customize Your Page

Now, it’s time to add your products, and make your page as appealing as possible. It should be a customer-focused haven.

Here, you have 2 choices. You can have a basic store page, or you can opt for Amazon’s A+ Content for added visual value.

Why Use A+ Content And Stores?

Amazon A+ Content helps you along the way by providing free tools to ensure you create an aesthetically pleasing and easy to use page.

This can be easily achieved with included features of Amazon’s A+ Content and Stores. The content tool supports optimal presentation of all of your product listings with eye-catching imagery and text.

The Store section is there to enable a multi-page store for your customers to explore and enjoy. There are easy-to-use media features such as video, imagery and text, to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Other Impressive Features Include:

1. Your own Amazon web address: This ensures your company looks professional, and gives your marketing campaigns an instant upgrade. It enables you to feature your signature products, best-sellers, and will offer personal recommendations to returning customers.

2. Insight: Having insight into your customers spending habits, product and post popularity, and times your customers visit most are imperative for growing a successful Amazon business.

Stores inform you of these performance metrics to help you better understand your customer’s needs, and make improvements where necessary.

Other Key Benefits Of Using The Amazon Store Builder

Should you yearn to create the ultimate selling experience but have no idea about tech, and the thought of trying to code fills you with dread, the Store Builder is a must.

It allows you to quickly and seamlessly create your e-commerce store, that automatically converts content for viewing on  mobiles, pcs, and tablets. You will be pleased to discover no design or coding skills needed, at all! The difficult parts have already been done.

How To Add A+ Content

Amazon A+ content can be found within the Enhanced Brand Content category, under the advertising section, on Seller Central. Then follow these steps:

1. Enter your product’s SKU

2. Choose either one of Amazon’s ready-made templates or pick a module for the product content.

3. Follow the simply instructions to add imagery and text.

4. Preview to make sure your content is error-free and appealing.

5. Submit to Amazon and wait up to 7 days for the review process and content approval. Your item status will show up on your dashboard

What To Do If Your Content Does Not Meet Submission Requirements

If your content does not meet approval, you will need to edit and resubmit. Before resubmission, make sure you have gone over the Amazon guidelines for submission.

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Check all imagery is clear and within guidelines, and all text is error-free. No pricing, promotion, contact information, or guarantees should feature here either.

How To Create Your Storefront

1. Click ‘create store’ found under ‘manage store’ section is Seller Central.

2. Pick your template and open your storefront. ’Here you include the page name, description and add desired template.

4. Use ‘Tile Manager’ to add and arrange all of your content (imagery, text, andadn video).

5. Use the Dynamic Widget tool to feature your favorite products and ensure SEO is implemented.

6. Preview and submit for publication


Building your online Amazon store is incredibly straightforward and can make your business a booming success. Once your store is in action, you can further drive traffic through marketing campaigns.

Or you can use Amazon’s marketing strategies such as brand sponsorship, and Amazon advertising strategies too.

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