RN Chart Review Jobs From Home

What is a RN Chart Review job? How do you get into that profession, and is it something that can be done from home?

RN Chart Review Jobs From Home

All of these questions and more will be answered within this article to help you come to the conclusion over whether this is the right kind of job for you. 

First of all, it should be noted that this is a medical care role, and one that typically does not involve any bedside interaction with patients.

Sometimes hospitals and places that practice medicine require registered nurses (RN) for the role, but this is not always the case.

Some people will possibly be eligible for the role somewhere if they have a proven ability to analyze and chart data, or have any experience in a medical setting. 

What Does A RN Chart Review Job Include?

There are several duties that a chart review must be able to perform in order to be considered qualified for the job.

The role might include aspects such as being able to analyze, review, and report on medical charts, with a good understanding of what it is that you’re reading. 

Most places will also want you to be able to point out indicators of gaps in the quality of care that a person has received. For example, if they haven’t been receiving regular baths or food. 

Another aspect that you will need to prove your proficiency in is the ability to ensure that you’re adhering to all the clinical documentation policies and protocols so that the reports and reviews you publish match the formatting of the rest of the charts created for the hospital. 

Some places will ask you to be able to resolve any charting issues or any problems with the documentation that might arise, as well as review the issues with the practicing physicians. 

So there are definitely a lot of different aspects that come into play when it comes to the role of a chart review, but the reason that there are many people who seek the role is because you still get to be actively involved in medical care without having to actually interact with patients, which might be difficult for some people, even when they still want to help.

What Is The Average Pay?

The pay for this kind of a job is actually higher than you might expect, coming in with an average of about $43,000 annually.

This is because the majority of employers require you to have at least a Bachelor’s degree and several years of experience before you can be considered for the role.

It involves a lot of analyzing data and so is not a job for the faint of heart, but if you can make it work, then you’ll find that you can make a decent living out of it.

Can You Work Remotely?

The simple answer is sometimes.

Just like with a lot of jobs, especially more recent jobs, there are employers who will want workers who can perform the job remotely, and some who want their chart review to work inside the building, it really all depends on what they’re seeking at the time.

From the looks of it though, if a hospital or other employer advertises a job as “remote” they also generally have a distance limit.

This is both so that you are able to attend meetings or important training days happening on site, but also so that you’re not in a different time zone.

Due to the nature of chart review, they need the data to be available within a timely manner so that the patient can experience the full amount of care.

If you’re in a different time zone, then this is unlikely to happen. This is why you wouldn’t be able to apply for a remote chart review job in California if you lived in New York.

Do You have To Be A Registered Nurse?

RN Chart Review Jobs From Home

Whilst there are some exceptions, generally yes you do need to be a registered nurse, or a licensed practical nurse (LPC) license.

However, there are other professions and qualifications that would lead you to be considered for the role, but being an RN is the best way to go.

You will also probably be asked for some evidence of strong computer skills and have a history of successful coordination with a HEDIS medical record review project, just  so that they know that you know what you’re doing. 

What Equipment Would You Need To Work From Home As A Chart Review?

In order to ensure that you’re able to work with the hospital effectively you would need a high functioning laptop or desktop computer, somewhere that you’re going to be able to write and respond to emails from without delay or distraction. 

It would also be helpful to have a fast working internet connection so that you don’t drop out of meetings or lose connection easily.

In some places they may offer to provide you with a work laptop and send it to you free of charge, however this is definitely not a guarantee. 

You’ll also want to invest in a good desk chair as you will probably be at your desk an awful lot, and you don’t want to cause yourself any undue stress because of bad posture. 

What Are Some Similar Jobs?

There are several different kinds of chart review jobs that all require you to look at and assess slightly different things.

These would all involve specialist situations and expertise, so if you have a niche, you could consider looking for one of these 4 types of chart review jobs. 

Chart Review for Medical Necessity Determinations

A medical necessity chart review is performed by both medical professionals and also health insurance companies that try to keep costs down and ensure the appropriateness of the care that is provided. 

Essentially you job would be to ensure that the medical professionals arent’ trying to swindle you out of more money by performaning or administering procedures and medication that wasn’t actually needed – if you worked for an insurance company. 

If you were on the side of the care givers, it would be your job to authorize and justify the procedures and medication to the insurance company. 

Chart Review For Disability And Workers’ Compensation Claims

The purpose of your involvement in workers’ compensation and private disability claims is to create a medical-based opinion as to what the extent is that a worker’s injury or illness would restrict them from performing their duties at work. 

These kinds of claims need to be evaluated by an insurance cimpany before a decision can be made, in order to attempt to eliminate benefit fraud. 

An RN or physician might be asked to provide their opinion about various aspects of the injury and its impact on the worker, as well as their ability to return to work, or when it’s likely that they’ll be able to do that. 

This is pretty much what it sounds like. You could work as a chart reviewer for legal cases, a job that is frequently referred to as “expert witness work”.

Basically you would be the one that they call to the stand to analyize medical care stipulations where appropriate, and also examine whether there was any medical negligence or a violation of medical standards. 

This isn’t the job where you’re asked whether someone could have been murdered in the way being described, but rather the one that is asked to consult in cases of medical malpractice. 

In this case, you would be required to perform more than just a file review, but in some situations would be required to provide deposition or testimony in court. 

Chart Review For Medical Research

The final option listed here (although there are loads more out there) uses chart reviews to gather fata for research projects.

Working for an academic medical institute, you would be the abstracting data from charts in order to get a hypothethis together and provide the scientists with enough information to make necessary decisions about their research. 

Bottom Line

A chart analyst or chart review is a vital job that keeps hospitals running smoothly and keeps patient care up to scratch.

However, with modern technology, it is possible that this role can be performed remotely, which makes it more accessible for a larger number of people. 

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